The Faculty of Engineering, Khon Kaen University (ENKKU)

Founded in 1964, the Faculty of Engineering of Khon Kaen University is the first Faculty of Engineering established outside Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. The Faculty of Engineering has a strong record of achievement. So far the Faculty has produced more than 12,000 graduates with bachelor and postgraduate degrees. Most of these graduates are now working in and contributing to all sectors of the Thai economy. The Faculty can boast a number of graduates who are assuming top posts in government and industries organizations. More than eighty-five percent of our graduates find employment within six months after completing their degrees. All our degree programs are accredited with professional bodies such as the Council of Engineers, and government and industry organizations. This will provide our graduates with opportunities and professional membership. The total present number of students stands at 3,661 which is approximately 10 percent of the whole university. 

Staff are the most important factor in our success. The Faculty presently has 147 academic staff and 99 supporting staff. Almost all of our teaching staff have their background training from renowned universities overseas. Across every field of engineering, we strive to achieve higher goals in all areas. We aim to raise the standards and quality of our graduates, to increase quality research output by increasing postgraduate students and to better engage the community, especially the indigenous community. Through research, teaching and learning, and working with the community, the Faculty continues to achieve and deliver more.