Call for papers

The TSAE 2021 conference is soliciting both International papers to present in the 13th TSAE International Conference and national (in Thai) conference to join in the 21st TSAE National Conference. Oral and poster papers are invited on the following topics :

Power and Machinery
              Engine and power, machinery design and testing, machinery production and manufacturing, mechanization/
              cultivation practices

Soil and Water Engineering
              Soil compaction, soil erosion, soil amendment, arid land, desertification and water harvesting, hydrology and
              water resource management, hydraulic and micro-irrigation systems, on-farm systems

Postharvest and Food Engineering
              Postharvest processing and storage, packaging, non-destructive techniques, food processing and machinery,
              biological engineering

Structures and Buildings
              Agricultural structure design, silo, greenhouse, plant factory, farm layout and planning, agricultural factory

Agricultural Systems
              Logistic and supply chain management, traceability systems and food safety, agricultural system
              management, modeling and simulation, agro-industries

 Electronics and Information Technology
               Precision agriculture, remote sensing, GIS, geostatistics and expert systems, sensor, robotics and
              automation, bioinformatics, computer applications, software development and information technology

 Energy and Environment
              Renewable energy, biomass and bioenergy, energy management, agricultural waste treatment, recycling and
              zero waste technology, agro-ecosystem engineering